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How to remove a ring from a swollen finger without cutting it off.

This is amazingly clever, and absolutely needs to be propagated among healthcare professionals; it won’t be useful often, but when it is, it could seriously save lives, because people hold up their own emergency treatment for sentimental and emotional reasons every day in every ER in the world.

My wedding ring was my father’s ring for 32 years of loving marriage before my mother died, and I would not hesitate to tell an EMT to take the finger off and reattach it later if they could before I would let them cut this ring.



moms be like

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Dog Worship vs. Cat Worshiphttp://best-of-imgur.tumblr.com


Dog Worship vs. Cat Worship



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are you fuckin kiddin me

People of all sexes have the right to explore femininity, masculinity—and the infinite variations between—without criticism or ridicule.
Leslie Feinberg (via petty-thief)
I think we should put in a petition to force furries that violate certain principles to to wear a badge which represents that they're an asshole. So that people will stay away from them.



What’s great is this is actually enforced at certain conventions like AnthroCon. A person is required to get a slash on their badge if they’re reported for inappropriate behavior. I once helped report a guy for sexual harassment, and it turned out that was his third strike. He was kicked out and banned from the convention that very evening.

Lesson learned: If you see people acting like jackasses, don’t hesitate to report them. You’ll be doing everyone a huge favor. While the furry community is known for being very tolerant and welcoming, some people do cross the line and need to be called out.


New champion trailer ▬ Braum

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